Why is Markus Mühle different?

Markus Mühle natural dog food is as natural as possible complete dog food, which contains all the important nutrients naturally provided by prey. This top quality cold pressed product is suitable for all dogs and is full of power. The nutritional specialists at Markus Mühle exclusively offer a complete dog food, which works hand in hand with nature.Over thousands of years, dogs have developed as prey animals. In the wild they would feed on berries, herbs, fish and insects, but mainly on a variety of prey, of which they eat not just meat, but bones, offal body fluids, tripe, stomach, and partially digested grass, fur and more. This kind of diet would provide them with all nutrients they need to stay healthy and thrive. The best diet for dogs would be natural prey- but this is not easy to achieve. This fact is the principle behind the development of Markus Mühle. And the result is a unique as natural as possible complete dog food.

The analyses of animal experts have proven that Markus Mühle natural dog food is rich in minerals and provides a balanced proportion of amino acids as required by dogs.

Markus Mühle is a family run business based in the Westerwald in the middle of Germany. Using the cold pressed method makes this dog food simply unique. The chunks promote teeth cleansing and satisfy the chewing instinct. The dog food is gluten free, contains protein only from poultry, venison, fish and eggs and has no artificial flavourings or attractants.

What is cold pressed??

All ingredients in Markus Mühle natural dog food are ground to meal, improving the bioavailability and blend of the high quality products and optimising the carefully, nutrient preserving cold pressing. Cold pressing uses only low temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius max for a few seconds.
Due to this unique method the ingredients stay as natural as possible, which is the main difference when compared to extruded dog food using high pressures/temperatures.

What are the benefits of cold pressed dog food?

Markus Mühle complete as natural as possible dog food provides a food, which is as close to a dog's natural eating habits you can get. The natural palatability is excellent without using any additives.


28% dried poultry meat meal, brown maize meal, brown rice meal, 8% game tripe meal, 5% venison bone meal, maize germs, Jerusalem artichoke meal, beet root meal, 5% sea fish meal, linseed oil, rapeseed oil (cold pressed), fruit powder ( Acticell), herbs,2% powdered egg yolk, dried peat, dried herb mixture, salmon oil, dried Mojave yucca, seaweed meal.

All ingredients are specially ground individually to improve bioavailability.


Vitamin A (10.500 IU/kg) Vitamin D3 (1050 IU/kg) Vitamin E (200mg/kg), Vitamin B1 (3.5 mg/kg) Vitamin B2 (7 mg/kg), Vitamin B6 ( 4.2 mg/kg), Vitamin B12 ( 42 mg/kg), biotin (210mg/kg), folic acid (0.35 mg/kg), niacin (21 mg/kg), Vitamin C (140mg/kg), pantothernic acid (7 mg/kg), choline chloride (1050 mg/kg), iron (200 mg/kg), cobalt(1mg/kg), selenium (0.25 mg/kg), copper (10 mg/kg), zinc (65mg/kg), iodine (1.6 mg/kg)


Protein 25%
Fat 10.5%
Fibre 3.3%
Ash 7.0%
Moisture 11%
Calcium 1.3%
Magnesium 0.18%
Phosphorus 1.0%
Potassium 0.89%
Sodium 0.39%


1.2 %

Energy 364 kcal/100 grams

Feeding amount (guideline only) for adult dogs:

Weight of dog amount in grams per day
1 kg - 5 kg 12 - 60 grams
5 kg - 10 kg 60 - 120 grams
10 kg - 15 kg 120 - 180 grams
15 kg - 20 kg 180 - 240 grams
20 kg - 25 kg 240 - 300 grams
25 kg - 30 kg 300 - 360 grams
30 kg - 35 kg 360 - 420 grams
35 kg - 40 kg 420 - 480 grams
40 kg - 45 kg 480 - 540 grams
45 kg - 50 kg 540 - 620 grams

The amount of water intake will be increased a little, which is important for an optimal digestion.

Feeding amount for puppies and young dogs:

Puppies can be weaned on Markus Mühle complete dog food from the age around 3.5 weeks onwards in the same way you would do this with any other dog food. Due to the process of cold pressing it is also possible to give the puppies their food in dry form as soon as their teeth have developed. This would not be recommended with extruded dog food. Please make sure fresh water is always available.

Puppies and growing young dogs will need up to 2.5% of their body weight per day.

Dog's adult weight age of dog
3-5 months 6-7 months 8-14 months
2 kg 68 58 90-105
5 kg 125 115 100-130
7 kg 145 135 135-135
10 kg 215 205 135-136
15 kg 260 280 240-270
20 kg 315 345 300-335
25 kg 395 440 400-415
30 kg 435 465 450-460
35 kg 490 510 500-505
40 kg 510 520-550 480-510
45 kg 550 585-605 575-595
50 kg 585 625-635 595-625
55 kg 630 665-675 650-665
60 kg 655 700-760 710-750

This is a guideline only, the dogs' actual nutritional requirements depend on the activity level and daily exercise of each individual dog.